Personal Math Trainer

A personal math trainer is needed for optimal math fitness. Like in physical fitness, the trainer should be compatible with users at a variety of skill levels and should guide them to the next level. It should give an accurate assessment of a user's strengths and weakness, as well as offer helpful feedback on where to focus one's efforts. Learning the ropes of mental maths with a math trainer should be a seamless, rewarding journey to ever-greater abilities.

The Best Personal Math Trainer

The ability to quickly perform mental calculations offers advantages in certain circumstances. But even without applications, getting better at mental math is a great way to stimulate one&rsquo

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Super Impressed! I love the step the step feature and how easy it is to input a problem or you can take a picture of the problem.
Cindy Wiley
An excellent scholastic aide, though one should not become overly-reliant on such devices. I would highly recommend this app for anyone, regardless of where they may find themselves regarding math levels!
Emily Hawkins